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Dr. Scott T. Andrews has been a Seattle native for over sixty-seven years.  He graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor of arts degree.  He also attended and graduated from the University of Washington Dental School where he received a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.  He taught at the U of W Dental School for 12 years.

Dr. Andrews has spent the last 37 years dedicating his dental career solely to Removable Prosthetics.  Dr. Andrews has completed over 35,000 dentures and partials for his patients.  Dentures are his passion and his many years of work show this.

Dr. Andrews owned and operated the Lacey Denture Clinic from 1992-2006. He also owned the  Renton Denture Clinic from 1994-2000.  He took over the Renton Denture Clinic back in late 2009.  He also has contracts with over 70 nursing homes where he makes dentures for patients in the privacy of their home.  He has been doing this for over 37 years.  He also makes house calls for new dentures at his normal cost for people who are house bound and who cannot leave their home. There is no extra charge for home visits.  Dr. Andrews taught at the University of Washington Dental School for 12 years and is an Associate Assistant Professor with the Dept. of Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Andrews is looking forward to providing the same service as he did when he owned the Renton Denture Clinic in the 1990’s.  The services remain the same-oral surgery, immediate and interim dentures, metal framework partials, interim partials, same day repairs, and of course replacement dentures. We are also doing mini-dental implants that can be done in about one and a half hours.  Our patient’s will walk out with his or her lower stable denture attached to his or her lower ridge the same day.  There is no surgery involved, one day healing time, and no cutting of ridge, which causes a long healing time period.  This is done at a very low cost compared to the larger implants.  The success rate is over 94%.  Just think…….. same day implants with a one day healing time period.  Our in house denture lab with continue to perform its exceptional duties and all current staff will continue to provide their exceptional service and dedication to all your referring new patients.

Dr. Andrews enjoys playing and coaching his son’s basketball teams and attending sporting events.

Dr. Andrews professional memberships include American Dental Association, Washington Dental Association, and Seattle-King County Dental Association.

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Avamere Georgian House of Lakewood has worked with Smile Seattle Dentures for several years and we have had a very positive experience with the dedicated staff that provides dental care for our residents. At Georgian House we provide care to a population with mental health needs and behavioral problems. The staff from Smile Dentures works so well with our residents, their patience and compassion is admirable.
- Jessica Wheatley, Administrator
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